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Bob Skea, CEO
Data is the new oil that is driving the businesses of the 21st century. With a wealth of data at their helm, businesses successfully drive their marketing and sales channels using an efficient customer relationship management (CRM) application. The CRM not only helps them organize and centralize their database, but also assists in launching targeted marketing, sales and recruiting campaigns. However, many times, businesses have to wrestle with data accuracy issues in their CRM, which poses challenges of monumental proportions. Outdated and erroneous data makes it extremely difficult to run campaigns effectively. Bob Skea, CEO at Discovery Data, reckons, “Data accuracy is always an issue in almost every CRM and ensuring refreshed data is paramount because the inherent cost in spinning wheels around inaccurate data is extremely high.” Further, many businesses suffer from resource unavailability and fail to manage multiple vendors to support their CRM. These issues can be a recipe for business disaster and can put an abrupt halt on growth.

Keeping the underlying data accuracy issues for CRM in mind, a New Jersey-based company, Discovery Data, offers data, analytics, and services that enable clients to improve their data management and more effectively target opportunities in the financial services and insurance industries. The company has a proprietary supply chain ecosystem where it derives data from multiple sources, including regulatory, third party systems, and public domain. The data is then passed through a rigorous quality assurance process before making it available. “We provide the deepest and most accurate data for CRMs, enabling our clients to have a complete confidence in their data-driven decision making and market execution,” states Skea. The company offers thousands of data fields, sophisticated segmentation tools, and powerful solutions, allowing businesses to intuitively connect with their target audience.

Once clients subscribe to the market they are looking to reach, the company’s MarketLink API and Cleansing products provide real-time automated record updates.

We provide the deepest and most accurate data for CRMs, enabling our clients to have a complete confidence in their data-driven decision making and market execution

The API links CRM data to the company’s data, enabling Discovery Data to quickly populate and maintain an updated Salesforce application using many unique features. Cleansing helps clients clean their data in real-time, preventing them from incurring losses due to data decay. The company also works seamlessly with other vendors to enable smooth CRM management for the clients.

Discovery Data caters to several industry-leading firms in finance, insurance, asset management, wealth management, advisory, and investment management arena. The company also offers its services to many other service providers that sell their products and services to the financial services and insurance industries. Skea shares a case study of an Insurtech company that was struggling to market its risk product, which allows investment advisors to gauge the risk tolerance of their investor clients. Discovery Data helped them create a prospect list of high-quality leads, which led to an exponential growth in their sales cycle. “With our efficient products and services, the client observed a 600 percent return on investment (ROI),” praised Skea.

Established in 2002, Discovery Data has carved a niche for itself in the data and analytics arena. The company is now gearing up to launch the next generation of its SaaS-based marketing intelligence platform to help the clients drive their business faster. It also plans to build more analytics capability that will enable clients to perform more analytics into their data.

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Discovery Data Launches MarketPro Intelligence Platform, Unveils Evolved Brand

Discovery Data, the market leader in data, insight, and analytics for the financial services and insurance industries, announced today its next-generation market intelligence platform in conjunction with the expansion of its market-leading product suite. These new releases extend Discovery Data's lead over market competitors, delivering strategic outcomes including revenue growth, talent acquisition, and enhanced marketing performance. Developed over two years, the new solutions were designed to address key customer requirements, partner insights, and the rapid emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, all fueled by the markets' best data and analytics on the firms and people driving the financial services and insurance industries.

MarketPro is a cutting-edge market intelligence platform replacing the Discovery Data Portal. With a streamlined interface and powerful tools, combined with access to the most complete dataset in the market, clients can easily segment and analyze their target markets faster. The powerful, simple-to-use, cloud-based data platform is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing processes and technology ecosystems, delivering unparalleled results for sales, marketing, and recruiting departments.

Behind Discovery Data's ability to deliver the most accurate and impactful data for the financial services and insurance markets is the Discovery Data FRAME. This proprietary process harnesses the industries' widest spectrum of trusted data sources and delivers the highest level of data quality, integrity, and accuracy. With access to over 6.7 billion data fields across 2.7 million professionals and 40,000 firms, Discovery Data gives clients the foresight to identify, assess, and capitalize on industry trends.

Discovery Data is also unveiling an evolved brand platform that includes a new corporate identity, solution naming architecture, and enhanced digital experiences. Leveraging the company's proven track record of delivering high-performance, market-based outcomes for its clients, Discovery Data has aligned on the prefix "Market" to anchor its solutions. Robust tools including MarketPro, MarketLink, MarketSage, and MarketReach empower clients to activate their target segments and make decisions that rapidly accelerate growth.

"Our customers and partners require innovation. Our new offerings will serve as the backbone of the digital evolution that has recently been dramatically intensified by the COVID-19 crisis," said Bob Skea, CEO of Discovery Data. "Through continuous innovation, we can ensure that clients close more deals, find new opportunities, and recruit better people and partners. We are excited to provide them with the tools and predictive insights that enable their growth journey."

Discovery Data

Eatontown, NJ

Bob Skea, CEO

Discovery Data provides the most accurate and trusted information on the firms and people essential to the financial services and insurance industries. Their data, analytics, and services create actionable intelligence that enables clients to more effectively target opportunities and execute go-to-market initiatives.In the end, revenue is accelerated and business goals are achieved. With an unwavering focus on excellence, Discovery Data delivers unparalleled results for clients’ sales, marketing, and recruiting departments

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