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Kevin Brown, Co-Founder & CEO
"People are looking for business outcomes, not more software,” begins Kevin Brown, as he touches upon the prevailing challenge in the technology marketplace to make existing solutions more outcome-oriented and user-friendly. Having worked with channel partners for over 25 years, Brown witnessed from close quarters how manufacturers, distributors, brokers and other third-party partners struggled to manage sales leads across both internal sales teams and external sales partners. This industry-wide predicament resulted in what the LeadSmart Technologies team refers to as ‘the sales lead black hole.’

After researching countless tools, Brown, along with his two partners, seized the opportunity to develop a SaaS product suite that drives “Leads to Revenue”. Their venture, LeadSmart Technologies, was born out of a singular focus on bringing the different aspects of CRM, marketing automation, and channel collaboration in a single suite that does not track business activity but helps drive forward business results.

Brown, the CEO and co-founder of LeadSmart Technologies, stresses that CRM and marketing automation solutions designed for small and mid-sized businesses lack the essential CRM features and functionality. On the other hand, a full-featured enterprise CRM is not simple and intuitive to the needs of these businesses, resulting in businesses using only a small fraction of their extensive feature set. While most SMBs sell through channels or partners, off-the-shelf CRM solutions rarely aid organizations in collaborating with channel partners, leaving users in a tough spot at crucial times. “Over 70 percent of businesses go to market through some type of channel or partner relationship (rep, broker, dealer, etc.), and yet there are only a handful of products, except for high-priced PRM systems, to automate and manage those external relationships,” Brown adds. Worse yet, these budget-strapped organizations are unable to invest in automated lead development and follow up systems. Instead, they rely on email and spreadsheets for communication, which further contributes to poor visibility and ultimately, lost leads. This is precisely what LeadSmart Technologies intends to change with a user-friendly and affordable CRM and marketing automation suite that drives leads to revenue through an innovative partner collaboration tool.

From leads, pipeline management, and optimized CRM, to sales lead development, engagement tracking, lead scoring and nurturing, and cross channel activity, LeadSmart’s suite brings three critical business functions to one unique product suite. “With LeadSmart, our single largest differentiator is the ability to maintain channel relationships by allowing external partners to access the program and automate the follow-up. LeadSmart provides 24/7 visibility and accountability into lead and relationship management,” informs Brown.

The key components of CRM, marketing automation, and channel collaboration have been combined in the LeadSmart solution to create a functional toolset customized to meet the needs of each customer. The product eliminates rarely-used aspects of the three existing solutions, presenting the client with a product that fits their business needs right from the beginning.
Steve Snapp, Co-Founder, LeadSmart Technologies and  Tom Burton, Co-Founder & COO, LeadSmart TechnologiesSteve Snapp, Co-Founder and Tom Burton, Co-Founder & COO
The software can track, assign, and manage leads throughout the sales process, which is monitored during every stage of the sales pipeline. Customizable dashboards and reports enable the tracking of leads and sales progress and offer complete visibility into the sales and lead management processes.

At the core, the standalone LeadSmart software leverages the secure and proven cloud infrastructure of the Salesforce Lightning Development platform, and includes CRM features essential to SMBs, while simultaneously handling enterprise clients equally well. No wonder, the software is a price performance leader when it comes to combining CRM, marketing automation, channel collaboration and partner management into a single integrated system that costs less than the combined apps. LeadSmart manages customers, vendors, partners, and business-related accounts to optimize ROI and forecasts revenue and resources accurately. The streamlined user interface and sales processes have minimal clutter and can be handled with ease.

Our single largest differentiator is the ability to maintain channel relationships by allowing external partners to access the program and automate the follow-up

The easy-to-use product from LeadSmart Technologies proved beneficial to an Australian manufacturing company that needed a method of generating, tracking, and managing leads for digital and traditional marketing efforts. The client had thousands of sales leads and a network of employees and distributors across the US, Europe, and the APAC region. LeadSmart came to their rescue by consolidating all their leads, before developing a marketing automation system. LeadSmart also aided the client to gain a clearer picture of their channel partners’ activity. Today, the client can interact with hundreds of distributors from across the world, and track leads in real-time to ensure proper end-user engagement. It is also witnessing a gradual increase in revenue month over month.

With no plans of slowing down, LeadSmart is growing quickly month over month and is scripting similar success stories for businesses around the world. The company is currently developing an international network of value-added resellers and channel partners, while additionally expanding through internal marketing.

LeadSmart Technologies News

LeadSmart Technologies Launches Innovative CRM/Marketing Automation/Channel Collaboration Suite

Santa Barbara, California: LeadSmart Technologies launched LeadSmart Pro, its new game-changing Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation and Channel Collaboration Suite. LeadSmart Pro changes the way companies manage sales from a lead through revenue by simplifying the CRM process with an innovative Marketing Automation component built right into the LeadSmart platform.

LeadSmart Co-founder and CEO Kevin Brown said, “So many companies struggle to get adoption of their CRM software within their organization and have an even harder time managing their channel partners and getting them engaged in the process of closing sales. LeadSmart brings world class CRM with the ability to automate communications and follow-up with channel partners like independent reps, brokers, agents, dealers and distributors. LeadSmart is so much more than another SaaS software tool, LeadSmart drives business outcomes both internally and with partners right out of the box.”

LeadSmart, built on the Lighting Development Platform from Salesforce.com, brings all of the tools necessary to manage customers, service, leads, marketing processes and automations, and channel partners. LeadSmart provides automations that keeps a company’s entire business in alignment.

Added LeadSmart COO Tom Burton, “Today companies are struggling with managing sales and partner data and, most importantly, trying to figure out how to communicate better with customers and integrate that communication into other company systems. LeadSmart’s Marketing Automation component automates campaigns and customer outreach, and shares results within the LeadSmart CRM component and directly to channel partners.”

LeadSmart Pro provides a full-featured CRM, Marketing Automation and Channel Collaboration Suite to users worldwide at a price that most would expect to pay for a comparable CRM product alone.

LeadSmart Technologies

Santa Barbara, CA

Kevin Brown, Co-Founder & CEO and Steve Snapp, Co-Founder and Tom Burton, Co-Founder & COO

As one of the best CRM, marketing automation, and channel collaboration suite provider, LeadSmart Technologies combines workflows and best practices into a single simplified system. Built on the Force.com or Lightning development platform from SalesForce, the company’s products integrate various marketing automation systems into a single suite. The CRM system can manage partner collaborations and relationships with representatives, agents, dealers, brokers, distributors or other channel partners. The high performance capabilities of the products give LeadSmart Technologies the capability to convert leads into sales ready opportunities, as per the industry or enterprise requirements

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