Zeta Interactive: Empowering Customer Relationship with Customized Solutions

John Polcari, SVP, Sales & Marketing
Over the years, CRM has rapidly evolved into a customer centric approach for acquisition and retention of customers with the help of technology to organize, automate, and synchronize customer and technical support—Customer Relationship Marketing. However, according to Gartner Research, today over forty percent of organizations face customer acquisition and retention complications, organizational objective-conflict, and depreciation of internal management with CRM technologies, resulting in underutilized CRM investment and disconnected business objectives. In order to minimize damage caused to organizations because of CRM framework failure, Zeta Interactive, with its data, insightful analytics and proprietary technology, helps organizations to acquire, engage, and retain customers. Founded in 2007, Zeta’s set of proprietary solutions powers end-to-end marketing and CRM programs. Zeta essentially ensures successful outcomes by delivering best in- class technology and leadership around customer relationship strategies and tactics, thus operating as a one stop shop for integration and implementation process for its clients.

Zeta’s multichannel campaign management solution, ZetaHub offers advanced database capabilities to its clients. From a technological viewpoint, the solution matches the business case, business requirements, technical and functional requirements. “We integrate our best technology components to create a secure, scalable, cost effective and flexible solution,” says John Polcari, SVP Sales and Marketing at Zeta. Polcari further continues, “Our clients face customer acquisition, customer purchase path, and lifecycle challenges. With the ZetaHub, we configure and deliver a customized solution, which addresses these issues, rather than a standard solution-set.”

The solution acts as a seamless, bi-directional dialogue enabler for organizations across email, mobile, social media, and real-time web optimization. ZetaHub encompasses four major modules, which allow brands to communicate the required message to the target audience at the correct time through a proper channel. The modules provide a step-by-step procedure delivering relevant and targeted lifecycle marketing through automation functionality, dashboard-based views of ROI reports, rapid campaign, and report creation to drive marketing success.
The Discover Module provides a 360 degree view of the customer, managing business rules and model insights with query data in a non-technical manner. It leverages information, building customer relationships and improving decision making. Secondly, the Design Module creates multi-channel messages, builds campaigns, depicts customer lifecycles, defines and manages business rules, and assigns right offer and channel for execution. In addition, the Deploy Module controls, schedules, and reviews distributed marketing efforts, campaigns and their history. The Analyze Module enables continuous measurement, explains campaign and channel performance, and creates opportunities for achieving market goals.

For instance, a leading group of hotels and resorts faced a lack of insight into the effectiveness of their campaign across multiple properties and was unable to leverage automation to drive personalization and relevance. Moreover, they needed an understanding into high-value clientele, which their global call center agents lacked. Zeta’s solution integrated their marketing and loyalty programs, delivering additional customer insights, and upgraded their business intelligence, allowing them to capture customer testimonials for further recommendations, all within a single dashboard. This generated a 24 percent increase in call center conversion, translating to over $80 million in new hotel bookings.

We integrate our best technology components to create a secure,scalable, cost effective and flexible solution

Speaking about the company’s future, Polcari says, “Using our proprietary data and technology, we intend to focus on delivering services beyond the implementation and on-boarding process directly. Also, Zeta intends to acquire companies that specialize in email, social media and web optimization. By the end of 2015, Zeta aspires to position ZetaHub as one of the main platforms in the marketplace, delivering significant enhancements to technology and developing top customer-reporting, look-up dashboards, transactional growth, and customer retention,” concludes Polcari.

Zeta Interactive

New York, NY

John Polcari, SVP, Sales & Marketing

Zeta Interactive, with its data, insightful analytics and proprietary technology, helps organizations to acquire, engage, and retain customers.