SquareBlue Consulting: Cloud-driven CRM solutions for SMBs

Susan Connor, President & Chief CRM Strategist
Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are taking the leap towards cloud-driven strategies to enhance customer relationship management (CRM). Various solution providers are paving the way for organizations to embrace emerging technologies. However, adopting the new CRM technologies is expensive and time-consuming for many organizations. As a result, SMBs are on constant lookout for viable partners that can help them effectively integrate CRM into their businesses.

SquareBlue Consulting, an Atlanta-based Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner, provides such guidance for integrating key CRM technology with sound marketing, public relations, business development and lead generation strategies. While the firm has clients in more than twenty different industries, they focus on the areas of technology, financial services, trade shows and non-profit firms. “We discover our customers’ business needs and find the most viable way to integrate CRM which helps them to increase their revenue,” says Susan Connor, President and Chief CRM Strategist, SquareBlue Consulting.

Collecting, processing and analyzing customer information enables SquareBlue to effectively assist clients with the implementation of Salesforce technologies. “We spend a considerable amount of time in identifying the full spectrum of customers’ business before we sign the contract with them,” explains Susan. The firm helps organizations take full advantage of various Salesforce features through such service offerings as Implementation, Rescue, Renovation, and Retainer Support. “We consult with organizations to implement Salesforce to accurately reflect their day-to-day business experience,” says Susan. SquareBlue also outsources services from Salesforce administration on a retainer basis to inbound marketing monitoring, email and other campaigns for the SMBs that do not have in-house administrator.

Additionally, the company helps customers determine where their earlier CRM implementation has gone wrong and then recommend ways to improve.
“If our client’s implementation has gone sideways, we can get them back on the right track through our Salesforce Rescue service,” explains Susan. Moreover, SquareBlue also offers services on cloud and mobile. “Most of our clients now also want a mobile version of the CRM,” adds Susan.

If our client’s implementation has gone sideways, we can get them back on the right track through our Salesforce rescue service

SquareBlue has garnered strong acclaim for steering clients towards unparalleled success by assisting them in taking full advantage of Salesforce features. To illustrate, one of the company’s clients with four international offices in different time zones, found it difficult to access information and sell different products. Subsequently, the client decided to opt for Salesforce CRM to create a single point through which each office can access all of the information at anytime. SquareBlue assisted by creating a single Salesforce org, which streamlined their operations. “We set up a single Salesforce org utilized by users in all four countries and at the same time we let each of those business units retain information and localized the experience for each office,” explains Susan.

“In the past three years, we’ve done forty end-to-end implementations and all of them have been unique. Our company’s solutions are 100 percent custom,” reports Susan. “We don’t go into a client with a template solution and try to apply it to their organization.”

After cementing a strong foothold in the industry, SquareBlue is now planning to develop new applications. The applications will focus specifically on the tradeshow and the moving/storage industries to help them manage customer relations.

SquareBlue Consulting

Atlanta, GA

Susan Connor, President & Chief CRM Strategist

A Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner, providing guidance on integrating key CRM technology with sound marketing, public relations, business development, and lead generation strategy.