Salesforce: Delivering a Futuristic On-Demand CRM

Marc Benioff Chairman & CEO April 23rd, was indeed a sunny day in Chicago, when Salesforce flagged off one of its regional seminars in McCormick Place, as a precursor to Dreamforce— Salesforce's annual technology event. As Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce took center stage, his sonorous voice gathered full attention of the crowd. Watching Benioff render his keynote speech with such spirited gusto, it is evident why Salesforce is considered a game changer in the CRM cloud software market. Started sixteen years ago by Benioff, Salesforce came into existence with a vision to create an on-demand, information management service that would replace traditional enterprise software technology. Today the company's CRM cloud software is redefining customer interface concerns from sales and marketing to customer service. "Salesforce's CRM software streamlines and automates business processes, to provide deep analysis and insight into important client data, ensuring complete client satisfaction," states Benioff.

A Leading Customer Success Platform

To help organizations create a more deeper and meaningful connection with their customers, Salesforce offers an array of mobile, social and connected cloud technologies. The company's platform delivers state of the art CRM SaaS infused with the speed and efficiency of cloud computing. "With Salesforce CRM, you can collect customer support requests from different channels, assign cases to the appropriate team or agents, easily recall the best solutions to customer problems, escalate support cases when necessary, direct customers towards web-based solutions, conform to service-level agreements, and identify areas where service can be improved," renders Benioff. Designed for businesses of all sizes, Salesforce’s CRM services are broken down into sales cloud, data cloud, analytics cloud, custom cloud and marketing cloud. While Sales Cloud an application for managing accounts, contacts, and business opportunities helps sales representative accelerate productivity; the company's marketing cloud a digital marketing platform enables users to manage customer interactions across all channels. In the case of News Corp a large media company based in Australia, Marketing Cloud helped boost the company's cross-channel marketing. The client was able to better understand its customers which resulted in measurable benefits. The tool implemented new ways of client engagement, which in turn increased News Corp's user base.

"The company's latest addition Service Cloud Lightning Console-is setting a new standard for customer service in today's connected world"

Future Ready CRM

Always staying ahead, of technology trends, the company’s Salesforce1 Service Cloud SOS is creating breakthrough innovation in mobile customer service.
Since mobile applications are fast being espoused by enterprises owing to its ease of use and speed they are forming a core inflection point in CRM. A research by International Data Corporation (IDC) projects that 67 percent of enterprises today deploy two or more mobile apps. Realizing this potential, Salesforce is creating waves in the mobile enterprise applications through Service SOS that allows companies to put an SOS button inside any mobile app which renders instant access to a support agent. Considered as the future of mobile app support, Service SOS with its live video support and on-screen guided assistance enables companies to deliver instant and personalized customer service within any mobile app.

In addition, since different industries are liable to their own unique challenges, Salesforce tailors their solutions to fit the needs of varied industries ranging from healthcare, financial services, retail to government. With Salesforce finance CRM solutions, banks or financial institutions can not only provide integrated sales, service and marketing solutions that break down silos but create a cohesive, personalized customer experience across all departments. One of the company’s latest additions is the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud which allows advisors to build deeper, collaborative client relationships. From tellers at retail banks to wealth management advisors, finance CRM solutions from Salesforce are creating an impressive ripple in how financial institutions cater to their customers. "Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is modern, intuitive and intelligent, bringing new levels of efficiency to advisors," says Benioff. On the other hand Salesforce government CRM helps agencies build stronger connections between citizens, employees, and government services. Salesforce allows government agencies to be more agile through simple cloud apps creating the leeway for public sectors to be equally progressive as private sectors.

When U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), an independent agency managing the basic functioning of federal agencies approached Salesforce, it wanted to move away from its traditional and expensive infrastructure model. After moving its core functions to the Cloud, GSA saved $15 million over five years. Additionally, GSA gave Salesforce Chatter—an enterprise social network, to 17,000 government employees, to share insights and propose new ideas. This ingrained new levels of collaboration, community building, and knowledge sharing in the agency. After its initial success moving core functions to the cloud, GSA began using the Salesforce1 Platform to solve additional business challenges and automate complicated processes. Through it all, GSA emerged as a more efficient and productive body owing to Saleforce.

A 360 Degree Service Strategy

Not limiting themselves merely to product innovation, Salesforce also offers its clients a myriad of services from call-center software to selfservice portals. "The world’s highest concentration of Salesforce experts and innovators are found within our Salesforce services team. This unmatched expertise translates into business solutions for our clients that push the boundaries of what’s possible, giving them a competitive advantage that drives bottom-line results," remarks Benioff.
To maximize the benefits attained from Salesforce products the company offers a wide range of training options, from in-person classes featuring hands-on instruction, to virtual training, self-led courses, and private workshops. Benioff’s keen entrepreneurial skills is also reflective in his integrated philanthropic approach— the 1-1-1 model, based on a simple idea that leverage Salesforce's people, technology, and resources to help improve communities all over the globe. Under this model, companies contribute 1 percent of profits, equity and employee hours back to the communities. The idea behind Salesforce's 1-1-1 model is to promote compassionate capitalism by harnessing the power of a company's resources such as the intellectual wealth, technology, and financial resources to improve communities. “I credit a large part of our success to our proven business model which encompasses the implementation of new technology, business and philanthropy as the key goal of the company,” explains Benioff.

Always staying ahead, of technology trends, the company’s Salesforce1 Service Cloud SOS is creating breakthrough innovation in mobile customer service

The Legacy Continues

With a strong business model in place and the future of CRM looking favorable; in the coming years, Salesforce's solutions are poised to continue redefining CRM software through innovative inclusions. As a research by Gartner indicates that the CRM software market is projected to grow at a 14.8 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) through 2017; customized Salesforce solutions will be a common sight in most corporations. Combined with Salesforce's mobile and analytics infused into daily workflows organizations can expect added benefits in leveraging customer relationship. The company’s latest addition—Service Cloud Lightning Console is also setting a new standard for customer service in today's connected world with next generation service cloud. The Service Cloud Lightning Console has been re-imagined with a modern, efficient and intelligent outlook. Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, the Lightning Console is designed to meet the needs of any service department. According to Benioff, with the new Service Cloud Lightning Console, companies across industries can now empower agents to be more productive by discerning new ways to deliver one-to-one support, smarter service and embedded service everywhere. “For close to two decades now we have been an evangelist in the CRM space, and we will continue to transform the landscape with CRM technology revolutions that scales faster and perform better,” ends Benioff.


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