Enrollment Rx: Providing Higher Ed CRM Solutions for the Student Lifecycle

Lawrence Levy, President
Today, higher educational institutions worldwide are experiencing increasing pressure to attract and retain students, and the supporting role of technology is becoming more pervasive day by day. Specifically, Constituent Relationship Management(CRM) software has emerged as a central component to help colleges and universities facilitate the synchronization and communication between staff and constituents.

However, the challenge is to prioritize the CRM strategy: should a school start small with a focused project, such as Admissions, or go big, executing all at once on the vision of CRM across multiple departments? Regardless of which direction the school takes, today’s higher ed CIOs know that CRM is no longer a point solution, but something that should be viewed as a critical enterprise system on campus, delivering the potential for full visibility across the student lifecycle.

Addressing this demand, Enrollment Rx provides a unified CRM platform for higher education that improves relationship management with automated processes and a 360degree view of constituent activity.“CRM is at a point in its maturity that it’s ready for higher ed to embrace it as a true system of engagement,” says Lawrence Levy, President, Enrollment Rx.

Built on the innovative Salesforce platform, Enrollment Rx delivers a full suite of unique solutions for managing the constituent lifecycle, including student enrollment (Enrollment Rx),retention (Retention Rx), career services(Placement Rx), and alumni relations(Alumni Rx). The company also develops customized online portals, which create a personalized, dynamic experience for constituents to interact with the school. A key complement to the Enrollment Rx CRM solutions, the portal improves transparency and helps staff be more efficient, while delivering an exceptional student experience.
Driven by the underlying philosophy, ‘clicks, not code,’ which suggests that a solution can be easily managed, configured and customized by even non technical users, Enrollment Rx simplifies the complexities of deployment and integration to facilitate easy expansion to other departments.

The flexible CRM solutions from Enrollment Rx support undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education program across various types of institutions. In one such instance, Berkeley College needed to improve access to student data across various departments, multiple locations and throughout the student lifecycle. Berkeley implemented a centralized CRM from Enrollment Rx to expedite communication to students and enhance visibility, from enrollment to retention and alumni relations. “Through our solutions, we helped Berkeley to reduce system maintenance costs, provide personalized information on a more timely basis and foster better relationships with prospects, students and alumni,” explains Levy.

CRM is no longer optional, but an utmost necessity for higher education

“The higher ed industry is frustrated with one-size-fits-all CRM systems where technology dictates processes,” says Levy. Enrollment Rx encourages their clients to challenge the status quo, creating an opportunity to get rid of archaic, manual and extraneous operations and mold CRM around best practices. Enrollment Rx sees their implementation strategy as a huge differentiating factor. “In addition to proven technology, we bring deep higher ed expertise to guide our clients to CRM success,” adds Levy. For the road ahead, the company will continue to aggressively innovate and invest in easily configurable and highly intuitive solutions for higher education. “CRM is no longer optional, but an utmost necessity for higher education,” Levy concludes.

Enrollment RX

Schiller Park, IL

Lawrence Levy, President

Enrollment Rx is a higher education technology vendor providing innovative cloud-based CRM solutions that span the entire student lifecycle