Top 20 CRM Tech Companies - 2018

Top 20 CRM Tech Companies - 2018

Implementing the right data management and customer interaction strategy has become the focus of CRM across CRM software companies. Companies are striving to create optimal CRM based campaigns. With that said, personalization and customization have a growing importance in driving individual customer experience, reaching the right audience at the right time. However, the CRM sphere is circumscribed by a couple of caveats when it comes to seamless collaboration. To meet these challenges head on, manual mundane task are being fast replaced by personalized workflow automation powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI-powered CRM systems can access unseen and untapped patterns in the system to provide with information and insights for data analysis, lead conversion, trends prediction, and critical decision making. CRM leaders are making the data pool bigger with IoT integration harnessing data from wearables, home devices, phones or cars.

In an era where negative feedback no longer reach a call to customer service, optimizing the power of social networks has become a key consideration for reaching out to customers through virtual communities and chatbots. Besides, organizations are on a look out for flexible and accessible CRM platforms that meet the key corporate requirements of ease of integration and multichannel publishing.

While an increasing number of CRM software companies already adapting to cloud-powered CRM models, the next frontier for such organizations would be to configure the permutations of private/hybrid clouds and SaaS to fit their business. To top it all, there’s an increased focus on ‘keeping it simple’ and ‘enhanced UX’ to drive seamless user adoption.

CRM Companies will face challenges recognizing how to harness CRM to keep their customer relationship healthy. A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with CIOReview Magazine’s Editorial Board has shortlisted 20 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers. The listing provides information on how the solutions in this domain work so you can analyze them to choose the best for your business processes.

We present to you “20 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers – 2018”.

Company Name

Company Description

Agent IQ Uses conversation-driven artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable brands to scale customer engagement and interactions while lowering costs and increasing the quality of customer relationships
Aptean Provides very specific industries with very specific ERP, supply chain management, and customer experience solutions
Base CRM All-in-one sales platform designed to help reps sell more and give sales leaders quantifiable and actionable insights to grow their business
Blueshift First AI platform for cross-channel marketing, that delivers rich content and personalized customer management
Convergys Combines decades of experience with our integrated, end-to-end solution of advanced analytics, omnichannel technology, and global outsourcing to design, unify, and optimize the customer care experience
Conversocial Applies the disciplines of contact center efficiency with the unique dynamics of social customer engagement to help clients turn unstructured, chaotic signals into organized, meaningful channels
EnTek Partners, LLC Ensuring that clients recognize every benefit of their CRM and client interaction solution
Insightly Helps you deliver relevant and meaningful interactions at every stage of the customer lifecycle – from the very first email and beyond
Intrix Provide the clients with the best ready-made solutions, or we fully tailor existing solutions to the client’s wishes
Lead Master Provides access to an intuitive and cloud-based program that streamlines processes and delivers real-time data
Lithium Technologies Lithium’s Engagement Platform takes you beyond the narrow one dimensional view of CRM transactional data to help you compete more effectively and provide a better digital customer experience
LivePerson Integrates the CRM data directly into the LiveEngage Workspace and lets agents submit new leads or cases in addition to accessing, reviewing, and updating records
Nextiva A single platform to streamline processes around customer relationships. With Nextiva customer interactions become faster, more consistent, more strategic and cheaper
nFusz nFüsz has reinvented what a CRM, lead-gen tool should be in today’s video-centric business and social environment
Nutshell Nutshell is intuitive, user-friendly, and designed to be easy to learn for anyone regardless of their CRM experience
Oracle Netsuite Provides a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle—from lead all the way through opportunity, sales order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell and support
ProjectsForce Provides customized CRM solutions backed by business management and IT consulting services for small businesses and home improvement contractors
RepBox RepBox provides a highly customizable CRM platform that allows manufacturer sales representatives to organize and consolidate assets to manage business processes
Streak CRM Streak CRM improves sales performance and business workflow by integrating CRM into the Gmail inbox
Zendesk Powerful and flexible customer service and engagement platform that scales to meet the needs of any business