DS-IQ: Empowering Retailers and Brands to Anticipate Shopper Needs Using Context

Tom Opdycke, CEO & Co-Founder
“CRM and marketing automation are on the cusp of seismic shifts, led largely by technological advancements and heightened customer expectations. We’re seeing traditional CRM being transformed throughout the world of retail,” begins Tom Opdycke, CEO, President and Co-founder of DS-IQ. “Loyalties are shifting as more and more consumers choose to purchase from retailers who are able to deliver in the fleeting moment of need. Winning depends on anticipating those needs in the context of that moment.”

Contextual relevance is the vision behind DS-IQ a company that delivers break-through technologies that intelligently engage shoppers across in-store and online media. It was the brainchild of founders Tom Opdycke and William Wu, who believed that adding a dynamic shopper intelligence layer to digital advertising systems could power a new generation of marketing solutions for retailers and brands. Tom Opdycke states that consumer marketers are increasingly challenged to be top of mind with customers as new media vehicles increasingly combine the search, browse, and buy experience. “You have to be right there and then, with the right solution always ready to serve.” He says that managing the complexities of execution and adapting strategy across every touch point is increasingly daunting. Tom Opdycke explains, “DS-IQ’s platform is specifically designed to predict customer needs given current conditions. We make sense of all of this complex data and enable marketers to execute winning strategies by turbo charging their programs with contextual relevance.”

At the heart of DS-IQ’s platform is a scientific framework called ShopperGraph™, which uses advanced predictive machine learning to understand the interrelationships between personal, local and global factors that predict shopper behavior and sales. It understands what a customer would most likely want under a myriad of different conditions.
ShopperGraph™ technology is used to plan, activate, and adapt customer messaging in real time to maximize effectiveness. “Our relevance platform thrives under changing conditions, because it combines best-in-class personalization, localization and contextualization,” affirms Opdycke.

DS-IQ’s platform is specifically designed to predict customer needs given current conditions

“At last count we’ve analyzed more than $1 trillion in retail sales and mapped billions of consumer, local, and global contextual data points in order to help our customers anticipate shopper interests. The depth and scale of knowledge that analysis has given us, plus our technical ability to act on it, has led to many millions of winning shopper experience sand additional profit for our customers.”One national grocery retailer asked DS-IQ to grab shopper attention and increase loyalty by delivering contextually relevant offers in innovative ways. DS-IQ served up shopper specific emails and online digital coupons tailored to each shopper’s context. Messages were customized based on current conditions, such as item-level buying cadence, offer propensity, out-of-stocks, and weather effects. Engaged customers shopped more frequently, purchased across more product categories, and spent more with that retailer a three way win.

DS-IQ’s next move will be to expand adoption. Opdycke concludes, “We’re working with ambitious retail and brand marketers to understand and win customer relationships. We’re helping them leap frog one-to-many and one-to-one marketing, by competing in a mode we call “One-to-Best” contextual marketing.


Bellevue, WA

Tom Opdycke, CEO & Co-Founder

DS-IQ is a marketing technology and insights company serving retailers and brands. Its Dynamic Shopper Intelligence platform discovers and activates meaningful customer context to predict needs and manage messaging to shoppers across in-store and online media