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Totango Streamlines Customer Success Management to Drive Business Processes within Salesforce

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Totango, a provider of customer success management software, announces availability of its customer success management applicationwithin Salesforce CRM to allow customer success managers and all Salesforce users prioritize attention to the right customers at the right time.

The key features of the Salesforce integration of Totango application include:

Totango Application:

Totango application delivers customer health scores, engagement data, and customer success team activity records using whichcustomer success teams can manage their customer portfolios and see all customer and team activity along in one place through Totango application within Salesforce tab.

Customer Engagement Scorecards:

The integration allows teams to access profile of each customer with real-time data on engagement, product usage, other custom metrics, and full account history along with Salesforce account page. It enables customization of scorecards to reflect engagement data, ROI metrics, and other non CRM data points.

Automated Tasks:

With Totango application in Salesforce, automated tasks can be assigned directly to sales team for notifying account executives about upsell opportunities. It makes it easier to create detailed reports on customer engagement trends that drive business processes.

Bi-directional Data Sync:

By combining application engagement, business outcome, and utilization data with CRM data, customer success teams can create a comprehensive overview of the customer's health and satisfaction. It allows sending of data from Totango in Salesforce and vice versa.

"Our customers use Totango data to drive triggers and other business processes within Salesforce. We built a complete integration within Salesforce because we wanted to make it easy for them to leverage our powerful customer intelligence and monitoring capabilities to drive better process and decision making. We believe that other teams, such as sales, marketing and more will also use this data to inform their day-to-day activities. We wanted to transform a powerful CRM application into a powerful Customer Success Platform," says Guy Nirpaz, CEO and Co-founder, Totango.