10 Ways to Increase the Visual Impression of your Product

Charlie Brown, Marketing agency, doPublicity

Consumer choice is largely guided by vision. Studies have shown that the brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster compared to text. That might as well explain why customers are more likely to associate with products that capitalize on intensified visual appeal. To ensure customers are attracted to your product and remain glued to your brand, you need to capitalize on visual impression. So, how exactly do you achieve this?

1. Use Leveraging Infographics

People are more likely to associate with your brand if they feel they have learnt something from you. Infographics gives you the opportunity of doing that in a visually appealing way. You can use them on your blogs and even embed them on your site.

2. Embrace Memes

Using Memes in your marketing strategy is a quick way of capturing people’s attention. Just ensure you use great graphics accompanied by informative content. Well-designed memes circulated through social media can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your product.

3. Engaging Quotes

Short quotes with inspiring messages provide easier ways of capturing the attention of your audience. The quotes can be comic or inspirational, printed on the side of your product. Just ensure they are relevant to your niche.

To ensure customers are attracted to your product and remain glued to your brand, you need to capitalize on visual impression 

4. Try Animations

Research has it that animations, used effectively, can enhance conversion rates by 25 percent or more. Animations are powerful in bringing out the lighter parts of your product or service. For the best outcome, keep them short and restricted to one message.

5. Think of Slide Shares

Creating a presentation of five or more slides is an effective way of enhancing the visual appeal of your product. You can simply compile existing content like articles or images to make slide shares. Alternatively, you can create new content. Never forget to make them professional and information rich.

6. Use Quality Images

Captivating images set apart your brand from the rest. Contents with quality graphics and images have 94 percent more chances of gaining traction compared to plain articles. To give your contents additional SEO boost, add alt tags to your images.

7. Add Detailed Descriptions

Great graphics will definitely attract attention but you want more than just that. Elaborative descriptions will make the visions stick. Well-chosen words are like strong magnets; they create strong lasting bonds with the audience.

8. Use Display Boards

The continued use of digital signage has revolutionized the brand awareness realm. From retail stores to supermarkets, you can use this strategy to enhance the visual impression of your product. Remember to ensure the content is engaging and informative.

9. Creative Blend of Colors and Fonts

To stand out from the rest, you need to use an imaginative blend of colors to attract the attention of your audience. You can gain inspiration from leading brands then customize the fonts and icons to match your product. The right choice colors enhance the presentation of your contents, both images and graphics.

10. Incorporate Multiple Visual Contents

The ultimate way of grabbing the attention of your audience and keeping them glued to your product is by blending various visual contents. Combine quality videos alongside graphics and original images. In case you were forgetting, one is never enough!


To get in front of your audience and create a memorable impact, intensified visual impression of your product is necessary. This guide provides you with the exact formula of achieving that.

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